Don't Be Kept In the DarkDon't Be Kept In the DarkDon't Be Kept In the Dark


Electric utility companies today have no requirement to publicly disclose the projected customer rate impacts of large capital investment.


Electric utility customers and the general public have limited or no opportunity to advocate against investments that are unnecessary, inefficient or of marginal value – investments that they will have to pay for through their electric rates.

what the proposed act will do:

Following federal law, Idaho's investor-owned electric utilities already provide to Idaho’s Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regular planning information, known as Integrated Resource Plans. The Electric Utility Rate Impact Disclosure Act asks the PUC to request, as part of these plans, the estimated impacts on customer rates created by “large capital investments.” What size project constitutes a “large capital investment” is to be defined by the PUC under a rule-making process.

how you can help:

Contact your legislators and tell them to support the Electric Utility Rate Impact Disclosure Act and have YOUR say about what electric utility investments YOU pay for.