Don't Be Kept In the Dark


Clear Information is Unavailable to the Average Ratepayer

Electric utility customers and the general public have limited or no opportunity to advocate against investments that are unnecessary, inefficient or of marginal value – investments that they will have to pay for through their electric rates.

Utilities response to this statement is that the ratepayer’s interest is protected by a public utility commission. While this is true in theory, as rate cases have become more frequent, the rate requests increasingly large, and the capital investment now mounting into the billions, the Idaho Public Utility Commission’s (IPUC) resources to “balance” this equation have become stretched.

Auditing the expenditure of a million dollars is not the same job as auditing the expenditure of BILLIONS of dollars. In this equation, the utilities have a profit motive to hire the resources needed to present and argue for their revenue needs. The IPUC, on the other hand, must live within the budget provided for it.



how you can help:

Contact your legislators and tell them to support the Electric Utility Rate Impact Disclosure Act and have YOUR say about what electric utility investments YOU pay for.